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Mountain Child Advocacy Center’s (Mountain CAC) mission is to prevent harm, protect children and heal families through best practice programs and community collaboration. We are setting the standard for the prevention and treatment of neglect and child abuse and work along with a variety of partners and nonprofit organizations to provide comprehensive care for children and their families who have experienced child abuse and neglect in our community.

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Racial Equity Lens
  • In order to work towards a world that has a safe and secure environment for all people, we use a lens of equity, justice, and liberation in our practices.
  • We acknowledge the ongoing and historical impact of systemic racism and oppression and the trauma that this impact continues to have with our clients and within our community. To address trauma and violence in our therapy, prevention, and advocacy programs, we work to disrupt & dismantle systems of violence and trauma. We seek to help repair harm in places and people where it has occurred, to define healing in a holistic, culturally-centered way, to restore community.
  • Healing is also violence prevention. As we heal and help others heal, we are better able to prevent future harm.
  • Mountain Child Advocacy Center Provides:
    • A child friendly atmosphere for recording interviews, on-site medical evaluations and assessments, utilizing “state of the art” technology.
    • Coordination and facilitation of investigative, legal, social, medical and mental health services through a model “team” approach.
    • Multi-disciplinary team (law enforcement, prosecution, mental health, social services, child protection team) case reviews and case tracking through the Center’s case advocate program.
    • Mental health services – Licensed and especially skilled therapists licensed mental health therapists to help reduce the trauma abused children suffer. They save and restore lost childhoods.
    • Community resources for information, referral and help.
    • Professional training and educational presentations at the community, state, and national level.
    • Darkness to Light child sexual abuse prevention program targeted at organizations working with children to include churches and daycares.
  • We are setting the standard for the prevention and treatment of neglect and child abuse. Yearly, we teach more than 8,000 children in Buncombe County through highly interactive and research-based classes designed to educate and empower kids. When abuse occurs, we provide access with a 10 week wait list, to free, evidence-based therapies that help children heal.
Next Steps
  • Build out more funds to support bringing in outside equity consultants to work with our equity team and with our clinical staff.
  • Create an equity toolkit to be used at every level of our organization in planning and decision making.
  • Build a library of inclusive, anti-oppression books available for staff & clients.
  • Continue to integrate equity throughout all facets of our organization, including leadership, the board, the clinical staff, and the prevention education team.
  • Grow in our advocacy work at the local and state levels, particularly in regards to equity around race, gender, disability, socioeconomic status, and language.
Primary Partners
  • HCA Mission Hospital, Child Safety Team
  • Buncombe County Government
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Our Voice, Helpmate
  • Pisgah Legal Services
  • Asheville and Buncombe County Schools
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