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Ensure that social-emotional health and educational assessment tools can work for and be understood by many cultures and by people who speak different languages (are culturally and linguistically relevant), in order to ensure accurate mental health diagnoses and educational supports and services. Refer children and families to interventions & treatments that are known to work for people from different cultures.

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 1: Family-Driven & Equitable Action 1.5: Ensure Assessment Instruments are Culturally and Linguistically Relevant

Why This Matters

North Carolina’s population includes a rich tapestry of different cultures and languages. When culturally and linguistically relevant screening tools and assessments are used with young children and families in health, education, and other settings, they are more likely to be assessed correctly, receive the services they need, and feel positive about their experiences.1, 2  Nationwide, more research and development is needed on validated, culturally responsive and affirming assessments for use with young children.

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