Advancing Latino Mental Health Access

Advancing Latinx Mental Health Access (ALMA)’s aim is to provide deeper and more focused support to programs and agencies who have an expressed interest in increasing the accessibility of culturally responsive mental health support to Latinx people. Some examples of the types of support ALMA offers to organizations include support for identifying strengths, gaps and areas for growth, and targeting implementation of culturally responsive practice. Trainings and coaching sessions are offered to programs, along with policy review and feedback sessions to identify and address topics such as social drivers of health, community engagement or adherence to best practices around cultural and linguistic accessibility. Support and guidance around using CLAS (culturally and linguistically appropriate services) standards, and culturally and linguistically appropriate assessments are also provided. 

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Fast Facts

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Lead Agency El Futuro
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Racial Equity Lens
  • This program seeks to increase access of services, particularly mental health services, for the Latino/Latina/Latinx community. The assessment tools used are rooted in creating a culture of equity, and are used to promote the growth and adoption of equitable practices throughout an organization.
  • Trained over 450 Community Health Outreach Workers in Latino Mental Health Assessment and Intervention
  • Provided Technical Assistance and Consultation to over 12 organizations related to assessing and improving their assessment and care of the mental health needs of the Latino community.
Next Steps
  • Provide CLAS standards consultation around assessment and intervention of Latino Mental Health to up to 15 organizations.
  • Deepen the use of community voice in ALMA program offerings
Primary Funders
  • The Duke Endowment
  • NC Area Health Education Centers (NC AHEC)
  • Duke Community Health
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