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Each North Carolina child has a strong foundation for lifelong health, education and well-being supported by a premiere birth-to-age-eight system.

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How We Do Our Work

We work to promote understanding, spearhead collaboration, and advance policies to ensure each North Carolina child is on track for lifelong success by the end of third grade. Much of this work happens through our initiatives:


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Supporting Children’s Optimal Development

Each child can have the opportunity to be on track by third grade with aligned policies and practices rooted in child development, including health and development on track beginning at birth, supported and supportive families and communities, and high-quality birth-through-eight learning environments with regular attendance. Learn about the issues that support children’s optimal development beginning at birth.

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Latest News

Permanent Tax Cap Would Limit Future Investment in Early Childhood

A constitutional amendment passed by the NC Senate and currently being considered by the NC House would restrict future state revenue, limiting the funding available for investments in the state, including in early childhood. The amendment—to cap the income tax…

Proposed Bill Would Go Big for Early Childhood

A bill proposed in the NC General Assembly this session would provide a consistent, increased base of funding for North Carolina’s birth-through-eight early learning system. Senate Bill 726, entitled Go Big for Early Childhood, would substantially increase the state’s investment…

New Law Encourages NC Districts to Focus on Attendance

The NC General Assembly passed a bill last week encouraging school districts to adopt student attendance recognition programs to “promote student attendance in school and participation in class as an integral part of academic achievement and the learning process.”  The…
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