The NC Early Childhood Foundation (NCECF) is eager to continue the bold work of the NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading Initiative (Pathways) with the development of the Pathways Action Map—a new online tool that is intended to drive actions that support a whole child, birth-to-age-eight approach to grade-level reading in North Carolina.

The Action Map will provide a snapshot of what’s happening in NC in more than 40 prioritized action areas that can help move the needle on grade-level reading, particularly for children of color from overburdened and under-resourced communities. These actions were prioritized by more than 100 North Carolinians using a collaborative process and racial equity lens. The actions are described in the Pathways Action Framework and have been endorsed by nearly 100 NC organizations.

Pathways was used to inform the development of the Leandro Plan and NC Early Childhood Acton Plan. The Map will be used to support these and other efforts.

What are the goals of the Pathways Action Map?

  • Inform key stakeholders about where NC stands in the prioritized Actions areas
  • Drive policy making, funding, and advocacy by identifying gaps and opportunities in NC
  • Spotlight initiatives that center racial equity and community voice
  • Promote collaboration by engaging and connecting diverse leaders across the state

Who are the target audiences?

The primary audiences for the Action Map are policy makers, funders, and advocates. It can also be used by community-based leaders, educators, service providers, families, and others to learn more about what’s happening in NC in the action areas and to connect with each other. 

What Initiatives will be included on the Map?

NCECF is working with various groups and individuals across NC to add Initiatives to the Map. An “Initiative” is a general term we use for any type of effort that has a goal to address one or more of the Pathways actions. It may be a grassroots effort, policy Initiative, privately- or publicly-funded program, community task force, state-level workgroup, nonprofit, etc.

The Action Map will include Initiatives that:

  • Are taking place in NC at the state or local level
  • Are working to specifically address one or more of the prioritized Pathways actions 
  • Provide evidence of impact or potential for future impact
  • Identify a primary contact who can provide current information and future updates

The Action Map will particularly feature Initiatives that use a racial equity lens and incorporate community voice, especially the voices of families, providers, and other leaders of color. We want to lift up, learn from, and direct resources to these efforts. 

The Action Map is not intended to include everything that is happening in these action areas in NC. It does aim to spotlight key Initiatives that represent a range of innovative strategies implemented at the state and local level. A group of advisors will help with this process. Suggested Initiatives will be reviewed to determine if they meet the criteria stated above. We aim to be as inclusive as possible. NCECF will not be evaluating the effectiveness of the mapped Initiatives but will leave it up to the user to assess the information provided and follow up with the Initiative’s contact person to learn more.

Click here to see what a sample Initiative page will look like on the Action Map.

How can I add an Initiative to the Map?
  1. Review the prioritized actions in this one-page summary. For descriptions of each action, click here.
  2. Consider what Initiatives are best addressing these actions in NC. They may include Initiatives you are directly involved with or know about in your community. 
  3. Add an Initiative to the Map in two ways: 1) Complete the Pathways Action Map Form, or 2) Email NCECF to schedule a quick phone conversation. It should only take a few minutes. 

When will the Map be released?

NCECF plans to release the Action Map in the late summer or early fall of 2021. We’re working hard to add as many Initiatives as we can by summer. Initiatives will be added on an ongoing basis after that. We appreciate your support getting the word out to your networks, especially local grassroots Initiatives. 

Why be involved?

  • Highlight your work to policy makers, funders. and advocates. NCECF is committed to raising awareness about your work and ensuring the Map is disseminated and maintained for use by these groups
  • Connect with other Initiatives and leaders across the state who are working towards similar goals
  • Share your leadership and/or areas of learning and growth in using a racial equity lens
  • Be a part of a collective effort to ensure every NC child is reading on grade level by the end of third grade

Click here to read more FAQs about the Map, and here to watch a short video introduction. 

Please contact us with any questions or feedback.