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Support professional development to increase primary care providers’ knowledge (competency) in prevention, management and treatment of frequently occurring and mild to moderate early childhood mental health conditions. Incorporate screening, primary care intervention, engaging families as partners in care, managing medication, knowledge of evidence-based mental health services, and working closely with mental health professionals.

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 4: Social-Emotional Health Action 4.6: Increase Professional Development in Mental Health Treatment for Pediatricians and Family Physicians

Why This Matters

Pediatricians and family physicians often have the first and most regular contact with families with young children. It’s estimated that one-quarter of pediatric primary care office visits in the U.S. involve a concern for behavioral and mental health problems.1 Physicians play an important role in preventing, identifying, managing, and treating mental health concerns for young children in partnership with families and other providers. Additional training and professional development for physicians in these areas benefits children and families. 

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