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Put in place policies that remove barriers to integrated care, such as: 1) Eliminate systems that separate (or “carve out”) mental health care delivery from physical health care delivery, 2) Build health care systems that reward providers for providing high-quality healthcare (value-based payment systems), 3) Create payment incentives for practices with mental health professionals integrated as members of the medical home team.

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 4: Social-Emotional Health Action 4.11: Integrate Mental Health Providers with Pediatric and Other Primary Care Practices

Why This Matters

Integrating mental and behavioral health services within primary care is an evidence-informed approach to addressing disparities in mental health.1  Several models exist that focus on integrating early childhood mental health in primary care settings, allowing increased access and coordination of mental and physical health services for families with young children, particularly families from low-income communities.2  Removing carve outs and establishing more value-based payments systems are examples of policies that support integration.3

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