State-level policies and practices directly impact the lives of young children and their families in North Carolina. State rules and regulations impact local investments and policy solutions as well.

The North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation promotes state-level early childhood policy and practice solutions by:

  • Curating, synthesizing and sharing practices and policies proven to improve children’s outcomes on the measures that matter for early literacy and well-being.
  • Promoting actionable strategies and providing practical guidance about what families, professionals, institutions, communities and policy makers can do to advance progress on young children’s literacy and well-being.
  • Convening organizations and individuals that serve as statewide leaders in achieving progress on early literacy and child well-being and actively pursue progress as a shared purpose.
  • Advancing state and local early childhood policy and understanding of what is needed and what works.
  • Tracking state budgets and legislation and reporting on early childhood investments and policy changes.

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