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Create family-friendly employment policies and ensure that low-wage, part-time, and seasonal or occasional workers have access to these policies. Examples may include paid sick leave, parental leave, or reliable work schedules.

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 2: Community Context Action 2.4: Create Family-Friendly Employment Policies

Why This Matters

For children and families, the benefits of family-friendly workplaces are numerous and long-lasting. They include positive impacts on health, development and well-being, financial stability, and future career success. Children whose parents have access to family-friendly benefits receive needed support and time with their parents during their most critical years of development. This leads to positive health outcomes, higher education attainment, and future career success. For example, children whose parents have paid parental leave, paid sick leave and other family-friendly benefits are more likely to have regular school attendance, better test scores in school, and fewer behavioral problems.1

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