Federal early childhood laws, policies and regulations impact state and local actions in North Carolina. National research and innovation can be tailored to fit state and local needs. The North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation brings national news home to North Carolina in two ways:

Translating federal policy

We help North Carolina better understand the impact of federal legislative and administrative early childhood policy on the state and local communities by:

  • Tracking and analyzing federal early childhood budgets and funding decisions
  • Understanding federal policy and regulation changes and determining the likely impact on state and local policy, practice and programs
  • Sharing evaluations of federal programs and services and communicating how they impact early literacy and child and family well-being.

Applying a North Carolina lens to national research

We help North Carolina and local communities learn about national early childhood research and innovation and apply it to state and local context by:

  • Summarizing and analyzing new national research and innovative ideas
  • Dissecting national publications to highlight how North Carolina is doing on key early childhood issues over time and compared with other states
  • Asking probing questions about how North Carolina can benefit from new knowledge and innovative thinking happening across the country
  • Communicating how new research and ideas impact early literacy and child and family well-being

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