Pathways Recommendation

Eliminate or minimize the use of suspension and expulsion in birth-through-third grade classrooms. Assess, identify, and address needs; screen for disabilities and refer for supports; include cultural competency into disciplinary policy; and recognize the impact of trauma on many children.

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 3: Education Action 3.17: Eliminate or Minimize Suspension and Expulsion

Why This Matters

Suspension and expulsion in the early grades contributes to chronic absence, social-emotional health concerns, and other issues that impact children’s learning and success in school. There is evidence both nationally and in North Carolina that students of color, particularly Black students, are disproportionately suspended and expelled starting as young as preschool.1 There are also disproportionate rates among students with disabilities. Research shows that Implicit bias plays a role in creating these disparities.2

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