Pathways Recommendation

Increase access to affordable housing, including through home loans, increased funding for the Housing Trust Fund and Section 8 vouchers, and development plans that support affordable housing.

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 2: Community Context Action 2.5: Increase Access to Affordable Housing

Why This Matters

The cost of housing in North Carolina is one of many factors that contributes to housing instability and homelessness among children. Statewide, about one quarter of all children live in households with high-cost burden (53% of children living in low-income households)1 and more than 700 family households are homeless.2 Children who experience these challenges are more likely to change schools, miss school days, demonstrate behavioral programs, have lower test scores, and fewer social connections.3  Increasing access to affordable housing helps families provide more safe and stable environments for their children which supports their success in school.

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