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Continue to track North Carolina’s rates of maternal post-partum depression screening at well-baby visits and the amount and effectiveness of maternal depression and evidence-based two generation (mother and child) treatment services. Determine the extent of racial, ethnic, and geographic disparities in screening and service delivery to mothers with depression. Expand access to screening and treatment services based on the results.

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 2: Community Context Action 2.3: Expand Maternal Depression Screening and Treatment

Why This Matters

Prenatal and post-partum depression are risks to healthy parent-child interactions. Maternal depression can impact young children’s learning and long-term physical and mental health.1 Untreated maternal depression increases the risk of child maltreatment as well as children’s own risk of depression, anxiety, and difficult behavior.2  Fathers  and other caregivers involved with infant care also experience depression.3  North Carolina has a strong history of maternal depression screening to build on.   

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