Pathways Recommendation

Prepare teachers to support young children’s growth and development in skills that are needed for reducing stress (adaptive coping), good decision-making, and healthy expression of emotion (effective self-regulation), with attention to trauma and resilience. Examples of critical skills are controlling impulses (inhibitory control), planning, and switching between two ideas (cognitive flexibility).

Pathways Action Map > Expectation 3: Education Action 3.18: Prepare Teachers to Build Specific Student Skills Needed for Success

Why This Matters

Self-regulation and executive functioning skills are important for school achievement, positive behaviors, good health, and success at work.1 They are developed throughout life, beginning in the early years. To ensure that children develop these capacities, teachers and early educators require specific training to understand how these skills are developed and supported in young children, particularly for children who exposed to trauma and other Adverse Childhood Experiences.

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