Family Connects

The Family Connects universal newborn nurse home visiting program is an evidence-based model that combines engagement and alignment of community service providers with short-term nurse home visiting. It is a voluntary program and is provided at no cost to families.

A registered nurse connects with a family in their home shortly after birth to: share the joy of the birth; assess the child’s and birthing person’s physical health status (as applicable); assess unique family strengths and challenges; and respond to immediate family needs. Working together with the family and building on identified strengths, the nurse connects the family with local community resources based on individually identified needs, priorities and preferences. And in turn, the caregiver connects with their child’s needs, supporting caregiver and child health, caregiver-child relationship, child development, and long-term family adjustment.

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Fast Facts

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State or Local? Local
CountiesAshe, Avery, Cumberland, Durham, Guilford, Henderson, Hoke, Polk, Robeson, Watauga
Lead Agency Family Connects International
Type of Agency


Racial Equity Lens
  • Staff must understand community values and needs​
  • Listen and adapt
  • Nurse hires reflect the community​
  • Provides compassionate care to every family​
Community Voice
  • Our community partners are supported to include families within their Community Advisory Boards.
  • Community partners may alternatively develop family member boards to raise up family voice.
  • Community partners are supported to include families in the initial design and planning process at the local level
  • Launched in 3 new Preschool Development Grant funded communities in NC
  • 98% of the families assess in these communities had some type of need identified by a nurse.
  • Referrals made in the last year in those communities included 1,346 referrals for household safety, 955 referrals related to parent/child relationship (such as local parenting classes) and 473 for parent/caregiver mental health support –along with many other referrals.
Next Steps
  • Sustaining the current programs
  • Increasing saturation into the eligible population at the community level
  • Continuously improving practices to reach, support and connect families
Primary Partners
  • Community based organizations (such as local Smart Start partnerships)
  • Birthing hospitals and community health departments
Primary Funders
  • Philanthropy
  • Federal PDG grant dollars
  • Medicaid
  • Local funding
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