2019 Support for Local Education Agencies and Early Learning Leaders

Join us for our second year of work to leverage early learning opportunities in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

In 2019, the Department of Public Instruction, North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation and EducationCounsel will support Local Education Agencies and early learning leaders in collaborating to create aligned strategic plans that meet requirements for all community partners and create an opportunity for meaningful coordination and collaboration.

Building a strong foundation for learning takes all of us working together. With its requirements to engage early learning stakeholders, the Every Student Succeeds Act provides an opportunity to engage community partners to support our children in fulfilling their potential.

It begins with aligning strategies. No matter where you sit, you create annual strategic plans to access funds.

  • Local Education Agencies submit annual ESSA plans to the Department of Public Instruction and they are required to engage early learning leaders.
  • Head Start Grantees create strategic plans with program and school readiness goals that are updated annually for continuous improvement.
  • Smart Start Local Partnerships develop strategic plans in response to community needs and submit an Annual Submission of Activities to the North Carolina Partnership for Children.
  • Community organizations develop strategic plans for approval by their Boards of Directors and for grants.

What would be possible if we aligned these plans and our work to create a system that builds a strong foundation of learning for all children in our communities? What would be possible if districts had support to collaborate across systems to focus on family engagement, professional development, and transitions? We are committed to doing just that.

Join us! Take these three steps.

  1. Participate in an introductory webinar.
  2. Attend a regional meeting.
  3. Take advantage of support that will be available through 2019.

Step 1. Watch an introductory webinar. We hosted three webinars, each designed for a specific audience.  

Step 2. Attend a regional meeting. Meetings will focus on three areas that local early learning and K-12 leaders identified as priorities: family engagement, aligned professional development and transition into kindergarten. Attending teams will identify a problem of practice to address, develop an action plan, and receive ongoing support as they develop their plans throughout 2019.

  • Greenville – February 11, 2019. Register now; space is limited.
  • Fayetteville – February 12, 2019.  Register now; space is limited.
  • Asheville – February 14, 2019,  Register now; space is limited.
  • Winston-Salem – February 15, 2019.  Register now; space is limited. 

Build your team. Teams need to include leaders from the following agencies/office. Please note contact lists for each are provided via the links below.

Teams are encouraged to include the following members. A maximum of two additional team members may attend the regional meeting.

  • Elementary Schools: Principal and/or Teacher 
  • Child Care: Administrator and/or Teacher
  • Child Care Resource and Referral
  • Exceptional Children
  • McKinney Vento
  • NC Pre-K Committee
  • Family Engagement
  • Community College System
  • Community Organization Supporting Dual Language Learners
  • Health System Professionals
  • Existing Early Childhood Collaboratives (e.g., Campaign for Grade-Level Reading)
  • Higher Education- University/College

Step 3. Take advantage of ongoing support that will be available throughout 2019. Learn more by attending a regional meeting.