Pathways to Grade-Level Reading Policy and Practice Action Toolkit

Five-part series (published 2023-2024)

This series provides guidance for how policymakers, advocates, community non-profits, the business community, and other stakeholders can work together to move us closer to the goal of  all North Carolina’s children reading on grade-level by third grade. This Toolkit also highlights organizations and initiatives across the state that are already taking action to move the needle forward. 

Policy & Practice Briefs to Eliminate Child Care & Preschool Exclusion

Eight-part series in collaboration with the Trauma-Resilient Education Project (published 2023-2024)

Childcare and preschool suspension and expulsion can harm children’s development, and often only serve to increase their behavioral challenges. Yet North Carolina has an elevated rate of preschool expulsions relative to the average across the US, with disproportionate impacts on children who are boys, Black, and/or who have a disability or special health care need. This series of briefs lifts up actions that policy-makers and early educators can take to limit and end expulsions for our youngest learners.