Read Charlotte Launches New Tool for Parents to Help Their Children Read at Home

Read Charlotte has launched a new website for parents and guardians to find free, easy-to-use resources all in one place to help their children learn to read at home. Home Reading Helper supports children from prekindergarten through third grade, offering age and skill based easy to use information.

“We know it is the combination of what happens at school and at home that grows a proficient reader,” said Munro Richardson, Executive Director of Read Charlotte.

The site has videos, games, home activities and worksheets designed to help busy parents find exactly what they need to boost reading skills at home and help struggling readers. The site was developed using academic and market research as well as interviewing parents to understand what they needed most to support their students. Enabled with Google’s machine language translation system, text and video subtitles can be translated immediately into nearly 100 additional languages through the website.  Read the press release here.