Join the conversation: Education & economic opportunity in your community

The myFutureNC Commission is launching a Listening Tour to collect ideas and feedback about strengthening educational and economic opportunities in North Carolina.

The Commission — composed of state leaders in education, business, philanthropy, government, and faith‐based and nonprofit communities — is tasked with reimagining the ways our communities, regions, and state support an individual’s journey from pre-Kindergarten through postsecondary and into the workforce.

Educational attainment is critical to North Carolina’s continued economic growth. To earn a family-sustaining wage in today’s economy, North Carolinians need some postsecondary education—whether that’s a 4-year degree, an associate’s degree, a certificate or license in a career and technical field, or an apprenticeship.

The listening tour provides an opportunity for early learning leaders to share that the foundation for learning and future academic success begins in children’s earliest years. To ensure that children are on a path toward postsecondary education, North Carolina will need to include a whole-child, birth-through-eight approach. This has been the work of NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading since it launched in 2015. Through Pathways hundreds of cross-sector leaders spanning government agencies, the private sector, philanthropy and nonprofit organizations have built a common vision of optimal child development beginning at birth with a focus on children’s health and development, families and communities, and high-quality learning environments.

Attend a Listening Session: At each listening session, Commission will share information on its work at 2:30 pm, meet in small groups for discussion at 3:00 pm, and host community conversations with at 4:15 pm.

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