Pyramid Model State Leadership Team

This recently refreshed team is the cross-sector NC Pyramid Model Leadership Team designed with the intention of creating alignment and collaboration amongst pyramid implementers (DPI Preschool Exceptional Children, DHHS Infant-Toddler Program (Part C), Healthy Social Behaviors (HSB) in Child Care) as well as to advocate for a more comprehensive and seamless implementation in NC.  The Team’s vision is to ensure that the NC birth to eight system promotes social emotional well-being for families with young children, beginning at birth, particularly those with or at risk for disabilities, and to assure children and families have access to anti-biased, inclusive, and natural learning environments. We will achieve our vision by: promoting and sustaining high fidelity implementation of high-quality Pyramid Model practices through a comprehensive professional development network, prioritizing intentional family collaboration and empowerment, intentionally addressing systemic inequities in early childhood intervention and education, and supporting monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure fidelity and outcomes.

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Fast Facts

Relevant Actions
State or Local? State
CountiesAll Counties
Lead Agency NC Department of Public Instruction Office of Exceptional Children (Part B 619) and NC Department of Health and Human Services Infant Toddler Program (Part C) and Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE)
Type of Lead Agency

State/Local Government Agency

Racial Equity Lens
  • Implementation is shaped by guidance from National Center for Pyramid Innovations (NCPMI), the national technical assistance partner which has intentionally embedded an equity lens at every level (e.g., Behavior Incident Reporting System includes a disproportionality indicator, equity is embedded in all professional development)
  • Resources for teachers and families are culturally relevant and available in multiple languages
  • One-third of the team are people of color
Community Voice
  • Our refreshed team is fairly new and working with technical assistance partners to ensure the right voices are centered.
  • Completed the State Leadership Team Benchmarks of Quality: Implementing the Pyramid Model Statewide twice to assess progress and plan future actions so that Recommended Practices (e.g., Pyramid Model practices) are available for providers and families statewide. The Benchmarks are grounded in the science of implementation which bridges the gap between an evidence-based practice and the actual high-fidelity implementation of that practice. The team’s action plan, developed in the spring of 2021, was grounded in the results of this assessment. 
  • NCPMI provided intensive technical assistance over the past two years focused on Part C and Part B priorities as well as community-based child care, to ensure the strongest collaborative impact.
Next Steps
Primary Partners
  • NC Pyramid Model State Leadership Team Roster
Primary Funders
  • No funders at this time. The state partners involved do have funding for their project implementation.
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