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NC-Early Learning Network (NC-ELN) provides training, technical assistance (TA), and program implementation coaching to state and program level leadership, trainers, and practitioner coaches to build and expand capacity for providing high-quality inclusive settings and practices to improve the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes of young children with developmental disabilities or delays. NC-ELN manages a statewide professional development network that supports implementation of evidence-based practices in the early childhood setting by designing, developing, and providing training and ongoing TA (consultation, coaching, and facilitating) to support transfer of learning and implementation of evidence-based practices to fidelity. NC-ELN also designs, develops, and delivers training and ongoing TA support on evidence-based practices to improve equity and cultural responsiveness in the early childhood environment.

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State or Local? State
CountiesAll Counties
Lead Agency UNC-Chapel Hill Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute
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Higher Education Institution

Racial Equity Lens
  • Designs, develops, and delivers training and ongoing technical assistance support on equity and cultural responsiveness in early childhood environments.
  • Provides targeted TA support to an Early Education Equity (E3) Cohort that includes teams of teachers and teacher assistants who complete a self-assessment of their practices and beliefs relating to equity and an action plan for improving equity and culturally responsiveness in their specific classrooms.
  • Partner with NCPMI to be one of only two states in the US establishing model classrooms demonstrating high-fidelity Pyramid Model practices and practices supporting racial equity and cultural responsiveness. This includes providing program implementation coaching to implementation leadership teams and practitioner coaches supporting the model classrooms.
Community Voice
  • Provide TA support to establish and support a family advisory group for NC DPI Office of Early Learning Preschool Program that provides recommendations and gives input on decision-making for the program.
  • Provide training and ongoing technical assistance on partnering with families at the state and program levels to improve program outcomes for children.
  • NC-ELN has trained and continues to provide ongoing TA support to over 300 practice-based coaches supporting Pyramid Model implementation in over approximately 370 preschool classrooms across NC
  • Over 260 teachers have been coached to fidelity on implementation of Pyramid Model practices and continue to maintain fidelity of practices
Next Steps
  • Scale up Pyramid Model Implementation in preschool classrooms across the state
  • Build capacity of educators to improve equity and cultural responsiveness and partner with families in their classrooms
Primary Partners
  • NC DPI Office of Early Learning
  • NC DPI Exceptional Children’s Division
  • National Center for Pyramid Model Innovation (NCPMI)
Primary Funders
  • NC DPI Office of Early Learning
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