NC New Teacher Support Program

The North Carolina New Teacher Support (NC NTSP) program is fiscally and programmatically administered by East Carolina University.  Operating in collaboration with 11 Institutions of higher education with vibrant educator preparation programs, the program creates synergies between universities, communities and early career teachers. NC NTSP provides comprehensive, university-based induction support offering a research-based curriculum and multiple services designed to increase teacher effectiveness, enhance skills, and reduce attrition among beginning teachers. The NC NTSP provides each teacher: (1) Intensive Institute providing teachers with general supports to promote student achievement; (2) intensive, individualized classroom coaching; and (3) aligned professional development sessions. The goal of NC NTSP is to improve student achievement by improving beginning teacher effectiveness and teacher retention.

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Lead Agency East Carolina University
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Higher Education Institution

Racial Equity Lens
  • NC NTSP supports and reinforces equity commitments to ensure planning, instruction and assessment are inclusive, equitable and informed by diverse experiences.
  • NC NTSP promotes culturally relevant pedagogy in the coaching framework to ensure relevance to the schools, teachers and students. 
  • NC NTSP acknowledges the value of working toward a more diverse teacher workforce and as such supports educators entering the profession by way of alternative and traditional pathways.
Community Voice
  • The program works as an accelerant to reinforce school-level and community goals and initiatives to support student achievement. 
  • NC NTSP coaches are imbedded within communities they support. 
  • Ongoing communication between NC NTSP and PK-12 community partners ensures stakeholder input and alignment to local educational initiatives.
  • A large majority of teachers (88%) plan to return to teaching in North Carolina, of which 93% plan to remain in their school or district.  
  • Among those who intend to return to their school, 66% cited coaching support as a reason, and 77% cited support from peers or colleagues. 
  • Teachers enrolled in NC NTSP supports are significantly more likely to return to work in the same school during the following year.
Next Steps
  • Elevate awareness among educational leaders and members of General Assembly
  • Seek an increase in annual appropriations to broaden access among PK-12 communities in need of effective induction support.
  • Lower/eliminate barriers to Public School Units wishing to enroll beginning teachers and resident licensure candidates.  
  • Ensure NC NTSP is available to all beginning teachers in the state.
Primary Partners
  • Institutional Higher Education Partners
    • Appalachian State University
    • East Carolina University 
    • Fayetteville State University 
    • NC A&T University 
    • NC State University 
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
    • University of North Carolina Charlotte 
    • University of North Carolina Greensboro 
    • University of North Carolina Pembroke 
    • University of North Carolina Wilmington 
    • Western Carolina University 
  • Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
Primary Funders
  • NC NTSP operates through a shared business model relying on school district remittance matched with recurring state funds to make support possible.
  • State funds from recurring appropriations from the NC General Assembly once represented 60% of annual budget. Today, recurring appropriations constitute only 34% of annual budget.
  • Public School Units primarily use federal funds (Title I and Title II) as well as federal and state COVID relief to partner with NC NTSP.  
  • Recent demand has revealed upward limits of support able to be provided as current funding levels.
Secondary Contact

Beth Edwards

Contact Dr. Pat Conetta

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