Getting Them Ready

The Getting Them Ready initiative has a goal of ensuring our young children are prepared for school success. Our effort is centered on the Early Learning Inventory (ELI) data, administered by kindergarten teachers to determine where to begin instruction. We gathered kindergarten and early childhood teachers to examine a trended data report and prioritize which skills, if better supported in children’s early years, would result in more robust school success. The Blue Ridge Partnership For Children then met with administrators to construct supports that could make it possible for teachers to ensure children acquire these skills. This plan provided teachers with materials and activities, training and individualized coaching, opportunities to observe highly-talented peer teachers, and gatherings to discuss what’s working. Training modules were prepared for programs to deliver to parents. Finally, representatives of community agencies were convened to plan how we could collaborate to intensify our impact.

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Fast Facts

Relevant Actions
State or Local? Local
Lead Agency Blue Ridge Partnership for Children
Type of Lead Agency


  • A formalized feedback loop has been created for early childhood teachers to make use of ELI data for the benefit of children’s school readiness.
  • A continuum of practices that support children’s learning is being created across early childhood and kindergarten teachers.
  • Community agencies are engaged in making positive contributions to young children’s school success.
Next Steps
  • This project will be extended into Mitchell and Avery counties as pandemic disruption abates.
Primary Partners
  • Early childhood community: child care, Pre-K, Head Start, preschool teachers and administrators
  • Kindergarten teachers and administrators
  • Parents
  • Community agencies who interface with families who have young children
Primary Funders

Community Foundation of Western North Carolina

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