we are (Working to Extend Anti-Racist Education)

we are, which stands for working to extend anti-racist education, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides anti-racism training for children, families, and educators. We use a three-pronged approach to dismantle systemic racism in education by offering summer camps for children in rising 1st-5th grade, professional development for educators, and workshops for parents & families. we are advocates for lasting changes to disrupt structural racism. we are reimagines educational systems so that all children, particularly Black and Brown, can exist in spaces that affirm their identity and dignity, promote their educational advancement, and support their social and emotional well-being.

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Fast Facts

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State or Local? State
CountiesDurham, Guilford, Orange, Wake
Lead Agency we are (Working to Extend Anti-Racist Education)
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Racial Equity Lens
  • Help build healthy racial identities in children through anti-racism centered camps for rising 1st-5th grade students
  • Develop strategies, techniques, and curriculum which extend anti-racist practices and can be implemented in the classroom by educators
  • Equip families with tools and resources which extend anti-racist practices in the home and community
  • we are is intentional about the racial demographics and make-up of the events and facilitation of events. We prioritize Black and Brown voices in spaces where learning occurs and we prioritize Black and Brown instructors of that learning.
  • we are also takes into consideration the racial demographics of those we partner with. We strive to partner with organizations that predominantly serve Black and Brown families.
  • In relation to our professional development for educators we have, in the last two years¬† served approximately 102 teachers and staff members.
  • We have worked with educators and school districts not only in North Carolina, but also in Minnesota, California, Seattle, Texas and Hawaii, to name a few.
  • Through the we are Summer Camps, in the last two years we have served approximately 170 students in 1st-5th grade.
Next Steps
  • The primary impact we wish to achieve through we are is the development of school systems that govern with a racially equitable lens from bottom to top and top to bottom.¬† In these school districts, disproportionalities based on race, class, and gender are nonexistent for children, employees, and families.
  • We strive to engage in a stronger commitment to provide translation/interpretation of events/resources
  • We have been building a partnership with Ed Trust to have a policy/systemic impact.
Primary Partners
  • Village of Wisdom (V.O.W.)
  • Empowered Parents in Community (EPiC)
  • North Carolina Central University
  • Durham Public Schools
  • Farm to Early Care in Education out of NC State
Primary Funders
  • Community Members
  • Kenan Charitable Trust
  • Kellogg
  • Ben & Jerrys
  • United Way
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