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The Pre-K Priority (PKP) is a coalition formed in 2014 with a mission to provide high-quality Pre-K options that are affordable and accessible to all families in Forsyth County. The PKP comprises a broad range of stakeholders including family and community members. Currently a high percentage of 3rd graders in Forsyth County experience low levels of reading and math proficiency. High-quality Pre-K is proven to benefit children transitioning into Kindergarten as well as improve 3rd grade literacy and math scores. The coalition’s work includes research, planning, and advocacy toward eliminating educational disparities and building on established options to realize the potential of an expanded system. We believe in honoring children’s individual and family strengths, cultural background, language, abilities, and experiences. PKP also advocates for equitable teacher compensation (equal to public schools) and robust professional development resources to ensure teacher retention and growth.

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Racial Equity Lens
  • Intentionally partnered with two grassroots groups that center African American and LatinX voices and experiences in shaping and forming plans, policies, etc.
  • High-quality Pre-K is proven to benefit all children but has demonstrated an even greater impact for children of color
  • Creating an equity manager position to oversee and help implement the programmatic services of ARPA model cohort Pre-K program that will operate the next two years.
  • Specific attention to understanding the demographics of children and educators in our current Pre-K landscape, as well as the county via a feasibility study.
Community Voice
  • Our recent yearlong Early Childhood Task Force (supporting the PKP) included three parents of color whom have or recently had four-year-old children in some form of child care. 
  • A Pre-K parent advocate is participating in the planning team that is shaping how the two-year ARPA Cohort will be evaluation.
  • An Early Childhood Education Task Force comprised of 32 diverse members met for one year to work collaboratively with the PKP to move the forward recommendations and plans for the implementation of an expanded, high-quality Pre-K system.
  • Visible and vocal support of local governmental officials: County Commissioners, City of Winston-Salem Council Members, and the Board of Education of Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.
  • Award of $3.7 million from Forsyth County in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to provide a 2-year model cohort of high-quality programmatic services and supports to 30 classrooms.
Next Steps
  • The PKP is currently moving into a new phase and has experienced various changes since the pandemic. We are in the process of conducting a series of “reset” sessions to ensure that our coalition is aligned on values, purpose, structure, and strategy as we move forward.
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