BEGINNINGS for Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

BEGINNINGS empowers parents of children with hearing loss to make decisions that are best for their child and their family and to advocate and ensure their child is receiving appropriate accommodations and/or special education services. Our parent Educators are located throughout North Carolina to serve all 100 counties. We attend school meetings with parents to help them articulate their concerns about their child’s education and to teach parents how to effectively participate in those meetings. We build long-term relationships with families so that whenever they encounter a situation in which they need help, they know they can turn to BEGINNINGS for that help. We collaborate with other agencies and professionals throughout the state to improve access for parents and children and to improve outcomes for our students.

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Racial Equity Lens
  • At BEGINNINGS For Parents of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, we are dedicated to ensuring that all parents, caregivers, and families feel supported and empowered. We respect and embrace the diverse needs of families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing. At BEGINNINGS, our definition of diversity includes but is not limited to all races, colors, religions, sexes, national origins, ethnicities, languages (spoken and visual), ages, disabilities, and genetics.  Our knowledgeable and caring team tailors our services to meet each family’s individual needs. We empower parents to make informed decisions on what is best for their child/family and to become advocates. We value the uniqueness of all backgrounds and life experiences, and are committed to providing compassionate and knowledgeable support to all families in an inclusive atmosphere of acceptance and respect.
Community Voice
  • All of our support and resources to families are free.
  • We pay for and provide interpreters for any language needs of a family served.
  • We have committees for DEI and Cultural Tool Kit committee to meet the cultural needs of the families we serve.
  • For our fiscal year of 2021, we provided 841 home visits to families and attended 342 school meetings with parents.
  • For our fiscal year 2022, we provided 921 home visits with  families and attended 379 school meetings with parents.
Next Steps
  • Provided continuing education and training opportunities to our Parent Educators to assist them in supporting families of children with hearing loss.
  • Continue to develop resources to give to our families to help empower them with their advocacy for their child with hearing loss.
  • Hire additional Parent Educators to support families of children with hearing loss if   budget allows.
Primary Partners
  • Department of Public Instruction
  • Early Learning Sensory Support Program-Hearing Impaired
  • North Carolina Early Intervention Program
  • Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
Primary Funders
  • North Carolina Government Grant
  • Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund
  • Public Support
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