PEEPs (Parents Encouraging and Empowering Parents)

PEEPs originated in the Family Engagement & Leadership Coalition Grant through NC Partnership for Children and the Division of Child Development and Early Education in 2019.  We are now participating in the latest cohort of the grant, after a pause during the COVID crisis.  PEEPs’ goals are to engage parents of as many young children as possible, particularly parents of color and from diverse populations, in working together to share knowledge about available services in our community, help parents advocate for their families and their children, and participate in leadership roles in committees, agencies, etc. whenever possible. 

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Fast Facts

Relevant Actions
State or Local? Local
Lead Agency Catawba County Partnership for Children
Type of Agency


Racial Equity Lens
  • Seeks out parents from diverse communities to participate and share their values, priorities, customs, and philosophies with the group.
  • Promotes policies that support the needs of families with young children.
  • Supports parents in developing and demonstrating leadership skills.
Community Voice
  • We have established a Parent Leadership Team to drive the work of PEEPs; this Team consists of three parents from different cultural/racial backgrounds.
  • All parents who participate in our larger group are encouraged to provide input and engage in decision-making.
  • Empowers parents to individually connect with other parents to share information and encourage participation in PEEPs or other community groups.
  • Our original 2019 group was very diverse; in the latest iteration of PEEPs, we are seeing the same result.
  • PEEPs participants have been active in establishing two PEEPs Playgroup sites in underserved communities in partnership with Parents As Teachers.
  • PEEPs participants have been very active with the Hickory NAACP in interviewing parents in underserved communities about their needs and desires for services for their families.
Next Steps
  • We anticipate the information gathered by the NAACP survey will guide PEEPs and partnering agencies in expanding the reach (and potentially new or adapted services) into new neighborhoods and new populations of families.
  • We hope to expand the range of training and professional development available to parents so they can recognize and channel the powerful traits they possess.
Primary Partners
  • Catawba County Partnership for Children
  • Parents As Teachers (part of Hickory Public Schools)
  • Children’s Resource Center (CCR&R)
Primary Funders
  • NC Partnership for Children/Division of Child Development’s Family Engagement & Leadership grant
  • Catawba County Partnership for Children
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