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Latino Community Services (LCS) seeks to offer the Latino families hope for a positive and healthy future and to build bridges between the Latino community and the greater community by facilitating cross-cultural relationships that bring new understanding and benefits to all. Because the path to high school graduation begins in infancy, LCS helps mothers discover how to prepare their babies for kindergarten. Reading well by third grade is a marker for future academic success, so LCS’s Family Literacy Initiative focuses parents and children on that goal. And because the transitions to middle school and then high school are danger zones for immigrant students with low socioeconomic status, LCS helps students and parents navigate those waters. They currently serve over 150 children of first generation immigrant families in the Old Town neighborhood of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Racial Equity Lens
  • With a focus on providing services to the Latinx community in Forsyth County, LCS incorporates a racial equity lens into each of their initiatives, both with planning and implementation.
Community Voice
  • LCS’s Family Literacy Initiative prioritizes the wealth of knowledge held by parents and communities in supporting their children on the path to literacy.
  • With the vision of bringing services and programs nationwide to help Latino families reach their potential and a positive and healthy future, Latino Community Services has served 1500+ elementary aged students and over 150 children aged 0-4.
Primary Partners
  • YMCA
  • Camp Hanes
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