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Family Forward NC is a groundbreaking initiative to foster employer-led change and increase access to research-based, family-friendly practices—big and small—that improve workplace productivity, recruitment and retention; grow a strong economy; and support children’s healthy development across North Carolina. Family Forward NC published a Guide to Family Forward Workplaces, which details 16  workplace benefits that are good for business, employees and the health and well-being of NC’s children. We have published more than 30 case studies of NC employers that offer family-friendly workplace benefits. We work with employers to have a competitive edge through adopting industry appropriate, family-friendly workplaces. We have engaged more than 6,000 employers, business associations, workforce and economic development agencies and state and local early childhood organizations about the role they can play in creating a strong workforce of tomorrow.


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Fast Facts

Relevant Actions
State or Local? Local
CountiesAll Counties
Lead Agency NC Early Childhood Foundation
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Racial Equity Lens
  • Focus on industries that traditionally employ a low wage workforce with little access to family friendly benefits.
  • Focus on industries where employees must be present for their job (i.e., cannot work remotely)
  • Engaged more than 6,000 employers
  • Published more than 30 case studies about family friendly employers in NC
  • Created a Guide to Family Forward Workplaces, which is cited and used by advocates both within and outside of NC.
Next Steps
  • Certify employers as family-friendly
Primary Partners
  • Local Smart Start organizations
  • The Economic Development Partnership of NC
Primary Funders
  • Founding Sponsor: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC
  • Current Funder: The NC Institute of Medicine
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