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Durham Children’s Initiative’s (DCI) cradle-to-career pipeline is designed using a holistic model – we not only focus on our students, but the entire family as well. To help parents succeed as the number one teachers of their young people, we offer two-generation supports. These supports can take the form of employment and vocational supports, family stability interventions and support, parents support and education, and technology support. Families who enter the pipeline during the stage of early childhood are offered interventions such as kindergarten readiness preparation, parent education and support, and access to childcare. During early childhood, DCI’s support is geared toward parents, as parents are the primary teachers of their children during this stage. As a family moves further along the pipeline, they will have access to interventions that enrich child development, literacy, academics, and overall family wellness.

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Fast Facts

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Lead Agency Durham Children's Initiative
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Racial Equity Lens
  • Provide Trauma Informed Care, REI, BIPOC and Bilingual Staff
Community Voice
  • We elevate and center parent voice along with those with lived experience through our Parent Advisory Council and house the backbone team and Parent Advisory Team for Pediatrics Supporting Parent Initiative and collaborate with local community agencies with these shared values.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic we shifted in response to community needs from a resource driven focus to direct service agency providing diapers, meals, food distribution, utility assistance, tutoring and safe sleep accommodations.
Next Steps
  • Strengthen and steward existing partnerships
  • Develop new relationships 
  • Fortify parent confidence through education and resource sharing
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