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Located within the Center for Child and Family Health (CCFH) Training Division, this Initiative serves as a centralized point of contact and management source for training requests. Through training, consultation, and resources, Training Services connects partners and providers with expertise and tools in trauma-informed care for children and families who have experienced traumatic stress. Expert training faculty collaborate with agencies to assess needs, capacity, and goals, and customize training content to achieve sustainable impact. Through in-person and virtual training, the Initiative empowers system providers with effective strategies and interventions to address the risks and effects of childhood trauma and improve child and family social-emotional health. Systems served include, mental health, social service, child welfare, early childhood, education, first responders, healthcare, juvenile justice, courts, government agencies, and more. Recent projects include, comprehensive trauma-informed assessment learning collaboratives, partnership with NC community colleges to develop trauma-informed early childhood education content, trauma-informed education for schools, and workshops in the prevention of secondary traumatic stress.

Fast Facts

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Lead Agency Center for Child and Family Health (CCFH)
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Racial Equity Lens
  • In 2020, all CCFH training faculty and support staff participated in racial equity training provided by The Equity Paradigm, and remain actively engaged in discussions, research, and updating of training resources to provide trainees with relevant racial equity and race and trauma resources.
  • Members of the Initiative are actively involved in the CCFH’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which leads internal racial equity efforts.
  • CCFH is represented by its training faculty in university level DEI committee work.
  • In the past two years, Training Services coordinated trauma-informed training for thousands of partners and care providers across North Carolina.
  • During this time, trauma-informed resources were created and hundreds of trauma-informed trainings, presentations, and workshops were facilitated across a variety of child and family serving systems.
  • Services were provided for the following systems: education, child welfare, mental health, medical, first responders, courts and juvenile justice, residential and child care facilities, among others.
Next Steps
  • Training Services is actively engaged in agency-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategic plan development and implementation.
  • Training Services is prioritizing racial equity efforts by working to include diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives in its training strategic plan efforts.
  • Training Services continues to evaluate concrete next steps toward racial equity in on-going work.


Primary Partners
  • Provider agencies
  • North Carolina Community Colleges
Primary Funders
  • LMEs/MCOs
  • Foundation grants
  • Individual training contracts 
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