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Book Babies partners with families of Medicaid eligible children to develop their child’s early language and literacy skills. An evidence-informed literacy coaching partnership, Book Babies begins when a baby is born and is sustained over five years. Book Babies builds rich relationships and provides families with the information and resources they need to develop the foundation for their children’s school readiness and school success.

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Fast Facts

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State or Local? Local
CountiesDurham, Forsyth
Lead Agency Book Harvest
Type of AgencyRa


Racial Equity Lens
  • We disaggregate data by race to inform our Book Babies protocols and curriculum.
  • We promote practices that improve outcomes for children of color by partnering Book Babies Coaches and families that share the same race and culture. Our selection of books ensures that children can see themselves in the stories they read.
  • We promote organizational equity by ensuring that all team members participate in racial equity training and Identity/Diversity/Equity/Belonging coaching opportunities.
Community Voice
  • Parents participating in the program serve as board members and staff members in the organization.
  • Parents lead specific program initiatives including our yearly graduation celebration.
  • Parents provide feedback on the program throughout the year which guides future programming and initiatives.
  • In our annual parent survey, 98% of Book Babies parents reported that Book Babies helps them create a daily reading routine at home.
  • The direct result of partnering coaches and Book Babies families with a shared culture and/or race has impacted the trusted relationship that families build with their coaches and the Book Babies program. In our annual parent survey, 97% of Book Babies families reported they trusted their Book Babies Coach.
  • Two of our six Book Babies team members are Book Babies Parents.
Next Steps
  • We look forward to disaggregating data collected via the annual Parent Survey by race.
  • We will imbed identity work into the Book Babies curriculum.
  • We will continue to hire Book Babies families to serve as Book Babies coaches.
Primary Partners
  • Family Connects Durham
  • The North Carolina Cooperative Extension – Durham County
  • Durham’s Partnership for Children
  • Durham Public Schools
  • Village of Wisdom
Primary Funders
  • Oak Foundation
  • United Way of the Greater Triangle
  • Smart Start/Durham’s Partnership for Children
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