Ask: Giving and Philanthropy for Early Childhood Growth

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“Seeds never lose their potential, not even in dirt.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

As you’ve heard, the 2022 reading and math scores have been released and unfortunately, though not unsurprisingly, only 32% of our NC fourth graders are reading at or above grade level. There’s much to attribute this to – namely, a global pandemic affecting every county, district, and household in our state and the slow and uneven shift to reading instruction rooted in science. However, we at the NC Early Childhood Foundation, are the tender of seeds and recognize that, while they have been buried in sandy, dry dirt, we know the right tools and nutrients to enrich their soil ensuring healthy growth and eventual blossoming. These upsetting scores are the sun, showing the light on the work we have to do!

This year, NCECF has been tending to our seeds and our beautiful NC early childhood garden in a myriad of ways, such as:

  • Being a part of the Care and Learning (CandL) Coalition has been enlightening as we move to transform our early care and learning centers and schools into more accessible, affordable publicly-funded North Carolina early childhood systems. Parents and caregivers are finally being and feeling heard
  • Family Forward NC has grown in its reach and influence, while also now offering a certification for family-friendly workplaces. Imagine what this will do to support more happy, healthy, stable families and kids! 
  • We’ve launched the Pathways Action Map, an interactive tool to guide and support policymakers and funders across the state. This intersectional resource could be so influential for more equitable success in literacy.

We’re reaching out to ask you to donate to our annual fund, with a promise to put these donations into use. We put our values to practice for our employees, ensuring that we consider best practices, competitive pay, and a flexible workplace that continues to challenge and grow dedicated professionals, so that they can nurture their own gardens to be a source of rooted strength and joy for the children and families that we serve. At the heart of all we do: ensuring equity for our people and the people whose lives we aspire to better. 

Give now to help us transform the lives of North Carolina families, from their earliest days, while also supporting a small growing, family-friendly team. You can donate by mailing us a check to: 514 Daniels Street #173, Raleigh, NC 27605 or give online at

We can’t thank you enough for helping us meet this moment for young children, working families, and ensuring that all kids can read on grade-level by third grade. We thank you for your past donations, and for the donations that will help us maintain our hold on a strong future, a bright, healthy, and bountiful garden, for our organization and North Carolina’s youngest residents. 

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