NCECF Releases 2021 Impact Report: Responsive to the Evolving Experiences & Needs of Children & Families and the Systems that Serve Them

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NCECF 2021 Annual Report

Both revolutionary and transformative, 2021 inspired us all to look for the most effective and needed solutions for children, families and communities, in response to economic hardship, public health challenges, educational setbacks, and ongoing systemic inequities. We continued to strive to align with partners near and far across North Carolina, to improve the experiences and meet the needs of children and families. 

In the following NCECF 2021 impact report, Responsive to the Evolving Experiences & Needs of Children & Families and the Systems that Serve Them, you will learn about how being responsive was an important theme. Listening to parents, child care providers, small businesses, communities, and families in order to respond optimally to support those navigating recovery from so many crises. 

As we greeted another year, vaccines joined the fight against COVID-19, our country was stunned by an insurrection, we welcomed a new president, and many local, state, and federal solutions were introduced as possible ways to respond to the difficulties felt at home and in our early childhood spaces. We said see you later to one team member and welcomed another, expanded our variety of outreach with a mix of both virtual and in-person connections, continued to be a trusted source of information around early childhood policies and programs, shared Family Forward NC COVID-19 Rapid Response resources with nearly 5,000 people, and increased our stream of digital storytelling. 

In this report, we delve further into:

  • Family Forward NC licensing work being expanded to out-of-state work, 
  • Pathways to Grade-Level Reading partnerships and collaboration being strengthened between the Early Childhood Data Advisory Council and the Pathways Action Map, 
  • Our collaborative initiative with NC Child, EarlyWell, developing recommendations from listening closely to families and engaged stakeholders, and
  • Continuing our commitment to racial equity and early care and learning.

We are grateful for our generous donors, the hard work of our team, the guidance of our board, and the progress we continue to make. Our vision remains that each North Carolina child has a strong foundation for life-long health, education, and well-being supported by a comprehensive, equitable birth-to-eight ecosystem.

Have a look at our latest annual report. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing to promote understanding, spearhead collaboration, and advance policies to improve all aspects of early childhood, whether for the children, families, or providers and teachers involved.