CandL Requests Facilitator for Phase One Post Retreat

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CandL is a cross-sector, multidisciplinary, inclusive coalition of families, communities, grassroots organizations, early childhood organizations, funders, businesses and early care and education providers. We are committed to working with families and communities to engage their strengths and address their values as we reimagine and rebuild early care and education in North Carolina for all children, regardless of zip code. 

We will secure additional funding and investment, ensure early childhood educators and providers of all kinds are compensated and supported as professionals and execute a strategic legislative and policy agenda to build a publicly-funded system where all children have access to safe, affordable, high-quality care. This work will be equitable and inclusive, centered around family voice and lived experience, and will provide equitable access and opportunities to each North Carolina family, so that all children will be more successful in life.

CandL Needs a Facilitator to Help Move to the Next Phase

CandL recently shared an update on feedback from pilot listening sessions with child care providers and families and is now hosting a series of sessions across the state. Once these sessions conclude, the Family/Community Engagement Team will gather at a retreat to debrief on the information received. This retreat will be held Tuesday, November 22, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at The Enterprise Conference and Event Center in Winston-Salem. To support this retreat, CandL is looking for a facilitator to guide the Family/Community Engagement Team. 

As such, we are advertising a Request for Proposals. For consideration, proposals must be emailed to Shanda Sumpter shanda at ncchild dot org by September 16, 2022 at 5 PM EST. This deadline has been extended from Friday September 16 to Friday, September 30. 

Facilitator Scope of Work

The contractor will ensure that (overall scope of work), including:

  • Facilitate a reflective session on the nine-month listening tour
    • Where we’ve been
  •   Where we are
  • Distributed Leadership – strengths and weaknesses
  • Looking at the road ahead in Phases II-IV
    • What needs to be tweaked as we move ahead?
  • Current legislative landscape – crosswalk with early learning

Requested Deliverables

  • A work plan and timeline for accomplishing the work.
  • Materials needed to support what is outlined in the scope of work.
  • Report on our internal process and implementation of distributed leadership – lessons learned and ideas moving forward.
    • How did we get grassroots organizations to participate? Process, relationships, etc.
  • Final report documenting work and accomplishments.

Deliverables are considered final when they are completed to NCECF’s satisfaction.

Is this you or someone you may know? Please consider the full RFP in support of CandL’s vision.