NC Parents & What They Work For: Star Mauesby

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A couple times a month throughout 2022, our Marketing Communications Leader is connecting with parents of young children at our partner organizations to lift up the insights of these hard-working parents and the work of our amazing partners. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest story delivered right to your inbox and share the inspiring nuggets from these dedicated parents on social media when they resonate with you.


  • Name: Star Mauesby
  • Pronouns: she/her/sis
  • Location: Apex, NC
  • Year when she became a parent: 2021
  • How Star is involved in early childhood work: Family Sponsorship Coordinator on the team at Equity Before Birth
  • Who she parents: I have a 6 month old baby girl named Luna. She’s the greatest thing I’ve ever created in my entire life!
    Mother Star holds baby Luna with drool bubbles in her mouth

7 Questions with Star: 

  1. Black Maternal Health was highlighted in April and I know this is very relevant to your work at Equity Before Birth. What do you think could most improve Black maternal health outcomes?
    A lot more health care professionals really listening and caring about the lives and pain of black birthing folks. Companies implementing paid leave for over 6 weeks. Statistics show our bodies don’t go back to normal until about a year postpartum.

  2. What shifted in your perspective since becoming a parent?
    I have a new perspective on black maternal health since becoming a parent. I didn’t really know all of the barriers that are involved, but now that I am aware, I am dedicating my life to the work.

  3. What issues that intersect with early childhood are you passionate about?
    I am really passionate about the financial barriers that birthing folk have to encounter and overcome while also trying to have a healthy pregnancy and birth. I am also really passionate about the housing crisis especially when it pertains to pregnant women and families. I found out I was pregnant and was in between housing and also had just lost my job. I was wondering how I was going to care for this child and take care of myself, as well. What is most stressful is everyone telling you during the first trimester to stay stress free to protect the growth of the baby but having these financial barriers makes that impossible.

  4. What are your biggest challenges as a parent of a child in early childhood?
    My biggest challenge is the cost of early childcare. My apartment is beside a daycare center that would be really convenient to walk my baby over in the morning, but this daycare is $1350 a month for my infant to go full time. My biggest worry about my child in early child care is her being properly taken care of, while I am not there.

  5. What do you see is needed to restore families of young children to feeling a sense of stability and balance?
    More support. Every mother needs an active village. People who will step in and give breaks when needed, provide care and help when needed and just make sure mom and baby are doing good throughout their journey.

  6. Thoughts on creating an ecosystem that is more supportive of families of color?
    We need better pipelines to create more black birth workers and nurses so that we have more access to black health care professionals. The ecosystem needs to include care teams that are more than your doctor and your nurse. Your care team consists of more than just your doctor and your nurse. Also, folks that are committed to paying the market rate for black birth workers.

  7. What is something unique about your family?
    My name is Star. My baby girl’s name is Luna Soleil and she was born on 10/10. Pretty divine!

Mother Star kisses baby girl Luna, wearing a crown

Equity Before Birth’s mission is to save the lives of Black birthing people and their infants and improve health outcomes by increasing access to critical services and support. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. A key issue that both Equity Before Birth and NCECF are focused on is paid leave.