Learning Loss, Literacy, and Leandro — Muffy Grant on NC Policy Watch

Muffy Grant, Executive Director of NC Early Childhood Foundation, had the opportunity to discuss educational opportunities, literacy approaches, and the Leandro court case’s impact on NC families with Rob Schofield of NC Policy Watch. During the interview, Grant shared that “we really need to invest in our young children. If we want to have a North Carolina that is prepared for the future, this is fundamentally where we need to start — at the beginning.” A new report that will be released on September 2021 around learning loss, will highlight how the pandemic has disproportionately impacted children in low income and BIPOC families and elevates how the NC General Assembly budget could meet this moment of need by implementing major interventions such as Medicaid expansion and evidence-based educational techniques.  

A link to the full 11-minute interview can be found here