Imagine a Snapshot of Initiatives That Promote Grade-Level Reading in NC. We’re Creating One and You Can Help!

What if you could go online and see a snapshot of what’s happening in key policy and practice areas that help to ensure every child in North Carolina is on the path to reading on grade-level by the end of third grade? Picture some “fast facts” about state and local-level initiatives that are leading in each area, a map of what counties they are working in, and a contact person to follow-up with for more information. Where is there a lot happening? Where are there gaps? Who are the innovators?

Imagine the policy and practice areas—or actions—the tool focuses on were prioritized by more than 100 North Carolinians using research and data, feedback from families and communities, and the experiences of early childhood leaders, providers, and advocates. Think of the actions as a starting place or roadmap of areas where NC should start working on first to move the needle on grade-level reading using a whole child, birth-to-eight approach. How could this tool support state efforts, like Leandro and the NC Early Childhood Action Plan? How could people from across the state and country connect with others working towards similar goals?

Now imagine this tool also prioritized actions that would have the greatest impact on children of color and other marginalized groups who experience the greatest challenges to school success due to structural barriers and systemic racism. What if it featured initiatives that used a racial equity lens and centered family and community voices? What could we learn from them? How could we direct resources to these initiatives and build capacity in our state to address disparities?

Finally, what if we created this tool together? Adding and updating initiatives over time, celebrating what’s working, and actively using it to drive action for young children and families.

Enter the Pathways Action Map.

The Pathways Action Map is ambitious new venture of the NC Early Childhood Foundation that builds on the NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading Initiative (Pathways). The Map will provide a snapshot of what’s happening in NC in more than 40 prioritized action areas included in the Pathways Action Framework. The actions were selected using a collaborative process and racial equity lens, and have been endorsed by nearly 100 NC organizations. 

Creating the Pathways Action Map will be a collective effort. We are asking new and existing partners and advisors to help us identify initiatives that are leading in each of the action areas. Initiative leaders will be asked to share information about their work to be included on the Map by form or phone.  

Read more about the Pathways Action Map here including its goals, actions, target audiences, and how to add an initiative. Our goal is to add as many initiatives as possible by July. We hope to release the Action Map later this summer or early fall and continue to support its use. 

Want to learn more? Join us for a 30-minute virtual introduction to the Pathways Action Map on one of the following dates:

If you can’t make it but would like to learn more, please contact us.

We’d love to hear about what you imagine and welcome your ideas and feedback.