How Should NC Spend Federal Child Care Funds? Focus Groups in Feb and March Open to Public

The Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE) wants to hear from YOU about how NC should invest in child care quality and assistance to families.
It’s time for NC to develop the state’s next three-year plan on how our federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) funds will be invested and how NC will implement CCDBG requirements. CCDBG funds are used to provide child care assistance for families and to fund initiatives to improve and support the quality of child care in North Carolina. 
The inform the three-year plan, DCDEE has scheduled focus groups to be held via ZoomGov in February and March 2021. Participants are invited to give feedback on the following topics during the times below. You do not need to register, there is no cost to attend, and you may attend more than one focus group meeting.
Once the plan is developed, a public hearing and comment period will be scheduled later in 2021 to gather additional public input.
Date/TimeMeeting Information


February 11, 2021
Topic: Program Quality and Family Engagement
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Meeting ID: 161 915 1359
Passcode: SOUTH
Dial-In Option:  (646) 828-7666
Passcode:  1619151359#
February 15, 2021
Topic: Improving the Supply and Quality of Services for Infants and Toddlers
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Meeting ID: 160 195 5269
Passcode: EASTERN
Dial-In Option:  (646) 828-7666
Passcode:  1601955269#
February 17, 2021
Topic: Professional Development Framework  
Meeting ID: 160 557 3888
Passcode: FOCUS
Dial-In Option:  (646) 828-7666
Passcode:  1605573888# 
March 17, 2021
Topic:  Program Quality and Family Engagement


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Meeting ID: 161 800 1361
Passcode: FOCUS
Dial-In  Option:  (646) 828-7666
Passcode:  1618001361#
March 24, 2021

Topic: Subsidized Child Care

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Meeting ID: 161 671 0846
Passcode: FOCUS

Dial-In Option:  (646) 828-7666
Passcode:  1616710846#

If you are unable to join one of these focus groups, you can complete the Survey to Gather Input into North Carolina’s 2022-2024 CCDF Plan, which includes the questions that will be posed during the focus group sessions.