Three Infographs: Parenting and Working During the Pandemic

Whether or not you are a working parent, we can all understand the challenges of parenting and working during the pandemic. From remote learning to child care, working parents are overwhelmed.

Here’s three infographs highlighting the upshots of parenting and working during the pandemic. The data shows that more than half of jobs in the country cannot be done remotely and that this is disproportionately affecting low-wage workers and people of color. Parents are leaving the workforce, especially women, which further strains families and the economy.

Employers can help and many are. The results of a recent CAI survey of 359 NC employers showed that 67% of respondents say they are proactively changing workplace benefits and see value in enhanced flexibility, more health insurance, and increased paid leave. But much more can be done. Only 3.4% of employers who responded to the survey say they’ve increased or are planning to increase child care benefits in response to COVID-19. Moderate increases in child care benefits were seen among the non-durable goods manufacturing (8.9%) and the employers with 200-499 employees (9.3%).

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