A Quick Look at Pathways

Need a refresher on the NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading (Pathways) Initiative, or learning about it for the first time? Check out our one pager for a quick overview and some of what we’ve been up to.     





In 2015, Pathways started with a bold vision: All North Carolina children, regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status, are reading on grade-level by the end of third grade, and all children with disabilities achieve expressive and receptive communication skills commensurate with their developmental ages, so that they have the greatest opportunity for life success. 

That’s still our vision today. And we’re committed to achieving it together with diverse leaders from across the state, including NC families and communities.

Some things to know about Pathways:

  • We lead with racial equity
  • We work across disciplines, sectors, systems and the political aisle
  • We focus on aligned actions, grounded in data and whole child development starting from birth

Over three years, Pathways Partners collaborated to create two Frameworks that help drive action towards grade-level reading in NC—one focused on data and one focused on policy.

We’re excited about implementing these tools moving forward, and are encouraged by our impact so far.

The Pathways Frameworks have been:

  • Recognized by state-level governing bodies and in key policy reports
  • Used to develop the NC DHHS’ Early Childhood Action Plan
  • Endorsed by nearly 100 early childhood stakeholders across the state

“Through Pathways, we see potential to improve outcomes for even more children. Our hope is to use what we’ve learned through this process to build a solid foundation for children not only in North Carolina but nationwide.” – Muffy Grant, NCECF Executive Director

Learn more here, and join us in this work.