Generating Local Revenue to Expand Early Learning Programs

Is your organization or community considering how to generate new revenue for early childhood programs? Across the country, momentum is building for local governments – cities and counties – to help provide greater access to early learning programs. Through a variety of mechanisms such as property tax, corporate tax, sin tax and sales tax, local governments are starting to fill the funding gap.

A new report from the Build Initiative, Funding Our Future: Generating State and Local Revenue for Quality Early Care and Education, reviews six potential local revenue streams. Authored by national leaders in this work, the report also provides information about whether or not each of the revenue streams in the report can be applied in your state.

Here at the NC Early Childhood Foundation, our Local Funding for Early Childhood: A Community Toolkit, provides communities with detailed tools when considering a local financing initiative. Twenty case studies by funding stream include challenges, getting to action and keys to success. New case studies are posted each year. Our toolkit is a featured resource in Funding Our Future.