Time is Running Out on a Chance to Win $50. Share our AttendaNCe Survey with Your Network!

As NC ramps up focus on chronic absenteeism in the early grades, we are trying to learn more about how preschools, Head Start classrooms, elementary schools and their surrounding communities encourage and support regular school attendance. As you know, when young children are chronically absent – missing a couple days of school every month – they are less likely to read on grade level and more likely to be held back a grade. If we learn more about how preschools, Head Start classrooms and elementary schools handle chronic absenteeism, we can determine what supports all classrooms and schools may need to improve regular attendance.

Please help distribute this brief survey to your networks to learn from preschool and Head Start classrooms, and elementary school teachers, principals, staff, parents, and supportive local community groups, about the underlying causes of chronic absence and what schools and local communities are doing to address this issue. Respondents qualify for a chance to win one of four $50 Visa gift cards! Results are anonymous, and respondents do not need to share their schools’ names unless they would like to. Survey link: ednc.org/attendance