New Case Studies Illustrate Appeal of Local Financing for Early Learning

Three new case studies about local financing for early learning have been added to the NCECF Local Funding for Early Learning:  A North Carolina Community Toolkit. The case studies document local financing initiatives in Mecklenburg County, NC; Cuyahoga County, Ohio; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Each of these communities uses a different mechanism to generate local revenue to increase access to early learning programs.

Since 2016, NCECF has provided communities across NC with tools to consider early learning financing mechanisms at the local level. Through our guide and website, communities can learn about financing methods available in NC to generate local revenue for early learning, read 20 case studies from across the country and more!

Through a partnership with the UNC School of Government and the NC Budget and Tax Center, NCECF offers new case studies annually about local financing initiatives for early learning.

The three new communities profiled have applied various methods to generate local revenue from property tax to a tax on the distribution of sugar-sweetened beverages to a combination of property tax and private matching dollars.