EdNC’s People’s Session Shows High Public Support for Pathways Actions

EdNC has been polling North Carolinians about their opinions on education, and the votes are in:  there is strong public support for the types of actions recommended in the Pathways Action Framework to improve the quality of young children’s learning environments.

In February, more than 1,000 North Carolinians participated in the People’s Session. After reviewing at least 10 statements, participants had the chance to add their own statements to the project, creating a largely crowd-sourced list of 103 statements on everything from school safety to teacher pay to calendar flexibility.

The votes on some statements showed division–such as charter school oversight and flexibility, school infrastructure funding mechanisms, and the calculation of school performance grades. But when it came to early childhood and ensuring high-quality early learning environments through supporting teachers and school leaders, public support is high. Check out a few examples and read EdNC’s post to see the full list of questions and responses, as well as excellent resources and analysis from EdNC.


Also check out EdNC’s post on which statements showed the most consensus and which statements showed the most division.