Office Hours: What Questions Do You Have about Early Learning Collaboration through ESSA?

We need your input! The NC Department of Public Instruction, NC Early Childhood Foundation, and EducationCounsel continue to offer support for LEAs, Head Start programs, and early learning leaders to explore new opportunities made possible through ESSA for birth to third-grade alignment, accountability, and funding as well as meeting the requirements for coordination. 

As part of this work, we will offer free, interactive, online Office Hours on various topics that are relevant to your continued collaboration with other early learning partners in your county or school district. Office Hours are not webinars with presentations of information, but are rather designed to be interactive and informal. They are an opportunity to ask questions and receive TA, resources and tools to support your work. 
What ESSA Early Learning-related topics do you and your partners have questions about or would most like support on? Click here to share your input. Your responses will allow us to tailor the Office Hours to meet your needs.