Endorse the Pathways Action Framework!

Congratulations, Pathways Partners. Together, we did it! We said YES to possibility. We created an Action Framework that can serve as North Carolina’s blueprint to improving third grade reading proficiency and child- and family-well-being. The NC Pathways to Grade-Level Reading Action Framework outlines expectations that Pathways Partners hold of child and family systems, and proposes actions that our state can take to support children’s social-emotional health, ensure high quality birth-through-age-eight early learning environments, and create the conditions for every child to be in school every day.

The Pathways process and resulting Framework are the products of three years of work by dedicated stakeholders, including teachers, school nurses, principals, pediatricians, advocates, academics, family support providers, philanthropic partners and more. Partners cross disciplines, sectors, geography and the political spectrum.

The Action Framework joins the NC Pathways Measures of Success Framework, which outlines the measures that matter for improving children’s third-grade reading proficiency and child and family well-being. Together, these Frameworks provide an early learning operating model for North Carolina. The Frameworks are informing the development of the state’s Early Childhood Action Plan, as well as serving as a foundation of other state-level early childhood initiatives like the Leandro Commission for Sound, Basic Education, the myFutureNC Commission, and the B-3rd Interagency Council.

Will you join the organizations that have already signed on and endorse the Frameworks on behalf of your organization?

Endorsing the Framework signifies that your organization or agency:

  • Recommends that the Measures of Success Framework serve as the foundation for building North Carolina’s state and local birth-through-eight system work, and
  • Supports the Action Framework’s expectations for child and family systems, and agrees that the actions, if well-implemented, can improve children’s third grade reading and well-being outcomes.

A strong list of organizations and agencies endorsing the Frameworks will continue to galvanize action on the next phase of Pathways. Please document your organization’s support of the great work the Pathways stakeholders have done.