Diversity Statement

The NC Early Childhood Foundation (NCECF) is committed to building a foundation of opportunity and success for every child by the end of third grade. To make this vision a reality, we seek to identify and remove systemic barriers that hold some children back and to recognize and value diversity.


  • All children have the potential to achieve their dreams and no child should be limited by the circumstances into which he or she is born. For a solid foundation, children need strong families and environments where they are healthy, safe and learning.
  • All children have the right to equal opportunities and resources in order to realize their full potential.
  • Persistent disparities in young children’s health and educational attainment have cost North Carolina billions of dollars in lost economic output and these losses are compounded every year we choose not to properly address these inequalities.
  • Disparities are often created and maintained both intentionally and inadvertently through policies and practices that contain barriers to opportunities. Equity gaps can only be closed by intentionally focusing on them and their root causes.
  • The best way to erase disparities in children’s learning is to engage families, individuals, organizations and communities in identifying and solving problems together.

Policy Statement

The NC Early Childhood Foundation recognizes and honors diversity in race, ethnicity, culture, class, age, abilities, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation and places where people live. We seek to reflect this diversity in all aspects of our work, including the composition of our membership, board, committees, staff and volunteers. Further, NCECF seeks to be a culturally competent organization that works for equity of access to opportunities and resources that allow all young children, birth to 8, to realize their full potential.