Share Your Thoughts About Chronic Absence

We’re Getting Ready for Attendance Awareness Month in September!

Consistent school attendance in prekindergarten and the early grades helps boost children’s academic learning, achievement and motivation. Young children who are chronically absent are significantly more likely to be chronically absent later and have lower academic performance.

As part of NCECF’s focus on educating and engaging North Carolinians about the importance of regular attendance, we’re asking readers to complete a statewide survey from EdNC’s Reach NC Voices initiative about chronic absence.

Then, over the summer NCECF will be releasing a NC toolkit on attendance to get ready for Attendance Awareness Month in September!

Our toolkit will contain:

  • A new fact sheet about chronic absence
  • An updated NCECF AttendaNCe Counts brief
  • An Attendance Works self-assessment survey for superintendents about attendance in their district
  • A call to action and proclamation for superintendents to raise awareness about this issue
  • A map showing districts that have already completed the survey
  • Suggested for social media posts and a sample press release for Attendance Awareness month

Communities across the state are encouraged to ask their districts that have not completed the self-assessment to do so and commit to celebrating Attendance Awareness Month in September.

Next, during Attendance Awareness Month, we’ll release a new report analyzing the self-assessment surveys received, share case studies from across districts and schools focusing on attendance across North Carolina and provide results of the EdNC survey.

Please take a few minutes today to complete the EdNC survey.