Become a Summer Learning Ambassador!

New Toolkit for Summer Program Providers Schools, Camps, Churches, Libraries – Anyone Working with Children!

Join us for a webinar on May 29, 2018 at 1:30 to learn about our new NC Summer Learning Toolkit. Register now!.

Children work hard during the school year and they learn a lot. But if we are not careful, they can lose what they learn over the summer. When that happens, they start the next school year behind, and it’s hard to catch up.  That’s why we created a Summer Learning Toolkit.

The North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation (NCECF) wants to help children keep learning over the summer, so they return to school ready to continue growing.   We worked together with parents in our community and learned from parents across North Carolina to determine what messages would be most helpful and what channels they want to receive the messages.

Join us to learn about why summer learning is important, what’s in our new toolkit, and how summer program providers can be summer learning ambassadors.

You can also download a Summer Learning Day Proclamation for your city, town or county officials to declare July 12th, 2018 as Summer Learning Day.

Register for the webinar.